Agility, adaptability, and alignment: new capabilities for PSM in a post-pandemic world

There is always the question of “how productive are my employees really being at home? ” If managers can’t see their employees working, then they often question whether they really are. Create a system to measure productivity of employees and don’t limit your sample only to those who work remotely – because that’s just not fair. Taken together, when employees proactively seek feedback from a variety of sources , internalize this information, and subsequently leverage the feedback, it positions them to rapidly adjust behaviors, as a result of this increased clarity.

  • By so doing, we contribute to the discussion about digitization in the supply chain in several ways.
  • Another vital and related consideration is your organization’s current state.
  • Trust is gained with actions and changes in the workplace for the better, not just words and empty promises.

Conducted in the Health Sciences/Bio-Pharma Industry demonstrates highly coachable employees are significantly more agile and adaptable than their less coachable counterparts. Refers to an employee’s ability to monitor the current environment to anticipate change and then respond rapidly and appropriately when changing circumstances require it. Proactivity forms a key component of agility, which enables individuals to not only respond well to change, but to also predict changing circumstances before they occur. A remote culture is more than methods of communication; it’s an entire worldview.

An exploration of the strategic antecedents of firm supply chain agility: The role of a firm’s orientations

We strive to maintain processes that do not inhibit our team’s ability to pivot. Rigid hierarchies, siloed business units, and mind-numbing bureaucracy is purposefully kept away from our business model. The ability to exceed Azzur’s expectations is thanks to the agility, local market knowledge and speed of our team to adapt a plan to account for the surging rents.

agility and adaptability

Use these 5 tips for adapting to change and guiding your team through change. Learn how CCL helped The Global Fund create a flagship leadership program that would increase its senior leaders’ ability to adapt as a collective to combat epidemics. Why Employees Want to Leave Their Organizations Employees want to leave organizations that make them feel unsupported. Learn how both boss support and organizational support matter for reducing turnover, especially among first- and mid-level leaders. The fear of introducing drastic changes to a company in times of fast-paced growth or in times of struggle is understandable and justified. A 2018 McKinsey Quarterly survey report revealed that only a few of 2500 participating companies achieved organization-wide agility.

Agility and adaptability

At Changepoint, we view organizations in terms of enterprise portfolios of business, technology, and customer projects that are supported by myriad products, people, processes, systems, applications, capabilities, etc. It is these portfolios that you need to align and make adaptable and agile to drive better business outcomes. We believe Enterprise Portfolio Management is the mechanism that ties this all together. EPM is about helping you align strategic portfolios with project execution to drive better outcomes. This means more than changing how the organization works—it means changing how your organization thinks and forecasting the impacts of various scenarios. In our global economy, the pace of change is accelerating rapidly, underscored by the quickening pace of digital disruption and digital transformation.

Strategic Portfolio Management is how organizations drive change and what makes adaptability possible. It’s about enabling a more adaptive planning cycle to continually and collaboratively assess, prioritize, and roadmap — in essence, shape business without disrupting current initiatives. As we’ve often said here at Changepoint, it’s important to “do the right projects,” not just “do projects right.” This requires moving beyond selecting and prioritizing the right projects. We’ve introduced an evolution toward iterative, continuous improvement in strategic management to help organizations reduce their reliance on manual exercises that are supported by disparate tools.

agility and adaptability

Consequently, the ability to scale must be coupled with the ability to adapt and flexibly act to maneuver planned or unplanned change. Moreover, companies must consistently rethink what is possible while trying to predict future developments. Today’s business environment requires successful companies to constantly push the envelope and proactively innovate for emergent needs rather than the current status quo. As a company, in order to succeed in a world of continuous change, being agile is crucial.

When COVID created an immediate need, and yet his team’s collaboration continued unabated, his views on the matter shifted. The software development industry is already one of the more versatile disciplines on the planet, with organizations taking on all kinds of internal structures and distribution/co-location models. When tough times happen, teams already accustomed to responding to change are more capable of adapting to new circumstances.

For better or for worse, 2020 has been rooted in crisis; a turning point through which change has come. That ‘change’ can result in favorable business outcomes but requires enterprise adaptability and agility mindsets, and those mindsets are the key to connecting strategy to execution. Communication is key to any successful engineering team, and while in-person is still the best way to forge strong relationships, the pandemic has altered that dynamic for most co-located organizations for the foreseeable future. Jonathan had long felt there was no substitute for being in the same room, but over the past few years real-time digital communication has become more realistic.

Adapting to Change Requires Flexible Leadership

There is simply no space for rigidity, and complacency in leaning on past successes. It calls for flexibility, learning from past successes, so as to better adapt for future achievements. While we are unable to foresee how the future of work will look like, we can make plans to be future ready through continuous upskilling and reskilling, so that we become more resilient, as well as adaptive to anticipate the challenges. This study explores the nature Embedded Systems Tutorial: What is, History & Characteristics and role of agility as a strategic intent and its influence on operational and firm performance. Combining field interviews with the literature review, we develop theoretical connections between strategic agility of Korean small and medium enterprises and its underlying dimensions . Then, we propose a conceptual model for investigating the nomological network of influences among strategic agility, operational performance , and firm performance.

There are many drivers for change and agility, but our top three now are technology, the pandemic, and generational changes. The pandemic has revealed to companies that working from home is in fact possible, and many people like it. Generation “me” wants organizations to adapt to their needs rather than being forced to fit into an organization’s box. Recognize the change that’s happening, figure out what needs to be done about it, and implement solutions quickly.

agility and adaptability

Going online strains many of the opportunities leaders have taken for granted. Jonathan quickly realized that his organizational structure needed refinements to better serve his team. He looks at how potential hires approach solving problems and communicating their thinking. Technical competency is still important—and itself can show how well engineers approach problem-solving and change throughout a career—but technology can be learned. Interpersonal and creative-thinking skills are harder to instill, and they are just as important as technical knowledge to a cohesive, well-performing team.

The SET Model For Strategic Planning

Learn how CCL helped Kao build a long-term strategy to drive business growth in the Americas by building a more people-centered organizational culture. That bandwidth makes Enterprise Agility one of the few approaches that include collaborative leadership, strategy, organization design, culture, and behavior toward competitors, suppliers, and the overall environment. A perfect example came out of the pandemic when everyone was abruptly forced to work remotely. This was great for some – more time with family, no long commutes, increased productivity; but wasn’t so great for others – feeling isolated, not having a good working environment, decreased productivity.

In comparison, agility-driven companies are organized in flat, lean, network-oriented, and to varying degrees self-organized. This innovative organizational design allows companies to achieve more, adapt faster, and be prepared for the unpreparable — to either charter new territory or pivot as needed. Traditional companies tend to be organized in steep hierarchies with a top-down decision-making process. During times when notions of stability and control defined most business models, hierarchies seemed to ensure fast decision-making and utmost optimization. Decisions in a hierarchical organization are typically made at the top and “trickled down.” The goal of decision-making typically is alignment and utmost efficiency. After the past two years, pivoting is part of everyone’s job description—so it was no surprise that agility and adaptability topped L&D leaders’ list of skills in demand.

Dynamic Manufacturing: Creating the Learning Organization

The call for new ways of organizing became louder and sparked rich research streams from varying perspectives. The unprecedented speed of technological developments, customer demands, employee expectations, and never before experienced global threats have dramatically changed what is necessary for business success. Companies are now compelled to react and adapt in order to survive and thrive.

`Adaptable production’ is based on increasing cost sensitivity by shifting some of the company’s fixed cost base towards variable costs. This is in contrast to the more typical approach under lean production, whereby the variable cost element is lowered by reducing unit resource consumption. In revising their cost structure and reducing fixed costs companies are thereby able to make an appropriate strategic response to the pressure for survival by improving their profitability. This is in contrast to the response of expanding market share that characterised the earlier paradigm . While transformational adaptability is a holistic affair, there are many things companies can do to ease into the process. To get started, one can examine available company data to understand where your organization currently stands.

Agility has been identified as one of the most salient issues of contemporary supply chain management . Despite its importance, there has been limited theory development in supply chain agility at the firm level. The antecedents of firm supply chain agility are understood even less as they have been primarily addressed at an operational level. Gligor and Holcomb emphasized that more research is needed to identify the firm supply chain agility strategic level antecedents. Gligor et al. specifically called for future research to investigate the role of market orientation and supply chain orientation in achieving supply chain agility.

While any change can be fraught with peril, opportunities can also surface out of necessity that leads to increased resiliency and accelerated adaptability to change. A more compatible manufacturing system and strategy are required to meet these business goals. It is observed through literature that an integrated sustainable green lean six sigma agile manufacturing system provides a strong platform to meet all these business, societal and ecological needs under a single umbrella. However, many organizations opt for this strategy voluntarily and many do not. It is observed through a literature survey that through this strategy organizations improve their financial, market, social, environmental, operational, and sustainable performance.

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